Fleur De Lis Vaulters logo with a black horse on the left, a red horse on the right, and a vaulter doing a hand stand in middle.

Passion with Purpose

Who We Are

Fleur De Lis Vaulters is a nonprofit equestrian vaulting program located in Lexington, Ky. Vaulting is described as gymnastics and dance performed in harmony on the back of a moving horse. As the fastest growing equestrian sport in the U.S., vaulting teaches strength, balance, confidence, coordination, and teamwork. More importantly, the team vaults as one family all while having fun!

Our Mission

We are embracing the connection between Horse and Human athletes through the Art and Agility of equestrian vaulting. We vault as one family expressing true Passion with Purpose.

What We Do


Fleur De Lis Vaulters offer private, semi-private and group lessons for all ages and skill levels. No prior experience is necessary. Schedule your lesson and start your vaulting journey!


Vaulting is an excellent tool to help center you around the foundational principal of harmony with the horse. Regardless of your discipline, vaulting can also add a bit of fun to your program. In addition to clinics instructed by our coaches, we often host guest clinicians from around the country to enhance skill levels.


Vaulting demonstrations are a major portion of the performance schedule for Fleur De Lis Vaulters. Operating minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park, our vaulters act as ambassadors for the sport, performing in events such as Land Rover 3-Day Event, National Horse Show, Equitana USA, and more. Schedule a performance to see vaulting at your next equine event or expo!


Vaulters have to opportunity to compete regionally, nationally, or internationally as individuals, pairs (known as Pas-De-Deux), or team (up to 6 vaulters). Regardless of level, these events provide a very engaging scope into the complexity of the sport as well as the progression. Vaulters interested in competing will be required to attend lessons regularly to properly train and prepare.

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